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Poverty is the enemy of progress, peace and stability. A critical component of the drive to alleviate poverty is stronger economies.

Our purpose is to provide capital to help business grow stronger African economies. Our core objective is to contribute to alleviating poverty through stimulating economic development.

Infrastructure is the foundation of all modern economies. It provides the essential means of moving goods and people, of sending money over great distances, of providing clean water, combating disease, powering factories and processing plants, schools, hospitals, offices, shops and hotels. Infrastructure promotes business confidence, stimulates investment and unlocks potential.

Most of all, infrastructure helps create jobs. Creating sustainable employment helps move people out of poverty. Skilled, educated and enterprising people have more opportunities to use their skills and talents in their own countries. Businesses have more incentive to invest because more people have regular incomes. With confidence comes opportunities to create new ventures that provide more jobs, develop new sectors, improve productivity and strengthen national finances.

In addition to the projects the EAIF supports, the Fund also promotes the development of sub-Saharan capital markets and the capabilities of the African finance industry. In many parts of Africa the financial system is unable to offer the products and expertise needed for infrastructure projects. The scarcity of such products was one of the reasons the EAIF was established in 2002. Contributing to the development of sub-Saharan Africa's corporate finance sector helps fight poverty by promoting long-term economic self-sufficiency.

Creating sustainable employment helps move people out of poverty.