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Private Infrastructure Development Group

The Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund is an initiative of the Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG). PIDG is also the sole owner and shareholder in EAIF.

The Private Infrastructure Development Group is the sole shareholder in eight businesses, each with a specialist role to play in emerging economies. Through its subsidiary companies, PIDG offers specialised financing and project development expertise. PIDG is best described in its own words;

"Naturally, each company must deliver a return for its investors, but there is a critical difference - it is equally important that they deliver specific development objectives. Transforming lives as well as landscapes, people as well as projects, is critical to PIDG investments."

EAIF is the longest established PIDG business. The Fund's equity currently comes from four governments; United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland.

The Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund’s board is accountable for the operation of the Fund to the PIDG. In turn, the PIDG is required to publicly report on the performance of the EAIF. The work of EAIF is also open to public accountability through the scrutiny mechanisms employed by each member parliament.

The Fund's equity is provided by these governments through a PIDG mechanism called the PIDG Trust.

The funds the Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund uses to lend on to businesses (known as the senior and subordinated debt) is provided by a combination of private sector financial institutions and development finance institutions (DFIs).

Fund Diagram


US$ 53.0 million
US$ 25.0 million
US$ 25.0 million