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The Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund is a Public Private Partnership able to provide loans on commercial terms to finance the construction and development of infrastructure, mainly owned, managed and operated by private sector businesses. We are able to lend between US$ 10 million to US$ 50 million, typically over 15 years, with a possibility on a case by case basis to lend up to 20 years. The Fund is also able to lend in EUROS.

Because the Fund's equity comes from four wholly supportive governments with successful and stable economies, it has historically enjoyed the confidence of other private and public sector lending institutions. In addition, the Fund is managed on a day-to-day basis by professional private sector fund managers. The fund managers bring deep knowledge of financial markets, of the sectors EAIF is focussed on and of the economies and business cultures of the many countries EAIF operates in.

Since 2010, the Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund has won eleven awards from leading global media in finance and allied fields.

EAIF is managed and advised by Investec Asset Management.


The projects we support must contribute towards the alleviation of poverty


We work with business for stronger African economies, so stronger economies can tackle poverty


We are the oldest debt fund dedicated to sub-Sahara Africa


We value your time and our time, so we use time wisely and don't waste it


We know our sectors and have deep understanding of the financial, economic, commercial and business cultures of our markets


Every transaction is different, calling for specific and sometimes innovative financial solutions


We put work, energy, effort, commitment and imagination into every opportunity


We believe a project is a better project when all involved share vision, expertise and direction


We work to the highest standards of corporate and personal integrity


EAIF has been winning awards since first established in 2002. Since 2010 we have been recognised as lender and arranger 11 times by world leading media, including Airfinance, The Banker, Euromoney, Project Finance, Project Finance International and Trade Finance.

As co-lender

  • Laurels

    African power deal of the year 2014

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    African petrochemical deal of the year 2013

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    Deal of the year 2012

  • Laurels

    African power deal of the year 2012

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    African loans deal of the year 2012

  • Laurels

    Deal of the year 2010

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    African transport deal of the year 2010

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    African telecoms deal of the year 2010

As arranger

  • Laurels

    African deal of the year 2012

  • Laurels

    Project finance deal of the year 2012

  • Laurels

    African power deal of the year 2011

  • Laurels

    African renewables deal of the year 2011

EAIF is proud of the awards it has won. They recognise our professionalism and the ability of EAIF to benefit Africa’s economic development.