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EAIF mainly lends to projects initiated, promoted, built, owned, managed and operated by private sector interests. That includes established companies operating on their own or in joint venture and new enterprises.

EAIF has supported projects with a broad range of ownership and corporate domiciles. EAIF works with substantial private sector businesses across Africa. Many are owned in Africa, while others are foreign direct investors operating in joint ventures or on their own. We welcome doing business with more businesses owned and controlled in Africa and with international companies expanding in sub-Saharan Africa or entering the African market for the first time.

EAIF can also lend to enterprises majority owned by the public sector. In these cases, the private sector must be responsible for developing and managing the infrastructure and project risk has to be shared between the parties.

The common threads that runs through all of the businesses that we support is management expertise in every function – finance, administration, human resources, technical, operations marketing and sales.

EAIF evaluates every project proposal using well-established commercial techniques and measures. The Fund, of course, has to satisfy itself that a given project will make a positive contribution to poverty reduction. We advise businesses and their advisers seeking support from EAIF to show in their plans the wider social and economic benefits their project may bring.

proud that our support has helped grow African-owned companies and the African corporate sector.