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Clean water to stimulate development




Infrastructure Components and Equipment

Senior Debt Provided

US$17 million

The availability of clean water can profoundly change lives and societies, improving health and hygiene, reducing domestic toil and raising crop fertility and reliability. Abundant, clean, available water can stimulate development in the food processing and tourism and hospitality sectors.

In Algeria, Hoch International is investing US$24 million in expanding its steel water pipe making factory. Such advanced, precision, high-quality manufacturing brings new skills to a predominately local workforce. Mocha’s facility will supply local and export markets. EAIF loaned Hoch US$17 million in 2012.

Other projects

The Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund has to date invested in 58 projects in 17 countries.

Feeding Nigeria’s food chain

Country: Nigeria / Sector: Agribusiness

Nigeria’s expanding agriculture sector has created big demand for fertiliser. At Port Harcourt, the Indorama Corporation and Indorama Eleme Petrochemicals are building a US$1.2 billion plant to produce 1.4 million tonnes of fertiliser annually.

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Rolling mill recycles, cuts imports and makes flared gas productive

Country: Nigeria / Sector: Infrastructure Components and Equipment

African Foundries have developed a steel mill in Nigeria that recycles scrap metal, turning it into “rebars”. These are used to reinforce concrete, which is used for a multitude of purposes when developing infrastructure, including dams, tunnels, ports and harbours, roads, airports, railways and large buildings like power stations and water treatment facilities.

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Smart Energy Solutions – smart energy can go anywhere

Country: Africa / Sector: Power

Smart Energy Solutions (SES) operates a fleet of mobile electricity generators. In 2014, The Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund loaned the business US$20 million to support its purchase of 40MW of new capacity and grow its business.

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