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Infrastructure needs to be manufactured locally


Democratic Republic of Congo


Infrastructure Components and Equipment

Senior Debt Provided

US$30 million

It is at least 40 years since the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) had a new large cement plant. It is a sign of confidence in the economy that a private sector foreign direct investor decided to build a new facility.

Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund played a central role in bringing together a finance group and subsequently filled a funding gap. A 50/50 joint venture by Lucky Cement and the RAWJI Group, the US$225 million funding package will see the construction of a plant producing 1.8 million tonnes a year. With a dependable local source of supply, the construction and development sectors can plan with greater confidence. Components for infrastructure that need cement can now be manufactured locally. 600 people will construct the plant and 300 employed full time when complete. It is estimated that the plant will provide the DRC’s public finances with income tax receipts of some US$24 million a year.

Other projects

The Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund has to date invested in 58 projects in 17 countries.

Gigawatt Global - Benefitting Rwanda

Country: Rwanda / Sector: Power

Gigawatt Global’s solar farm, a joint venture with an orphanage, was financed, constructed and brought on stream in little more than a year.

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Addax Bioenergy – powering up Sierra Leone

Country: Sierra Leone / Sector: Agribusiness Power

The Addax Bioenergy operation consists of a sugarcane estate, an ethanol refinery and a biomass power plant. At full capacity, the sugar cane harvested from the 10,000 hectare estate will be processed to produce 85,000m3 of bioethanol annually, for export and domestic markets. During operations, the residual fibres from sugarcane processing, called bagasse, is used to fuel a 32MW electricity plant, which will supply up to 15MW of power to the national grid, helping to stabilise the country’s electricity supply.

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Ciprel adds another 120MW to its Cote D’Ivoire power plant

Country: Cote D’Ivoire / Sector: Power

The EURO253 million upgrade of the Ciprel power plant in Cote D’Ivoire included a EURO30 million loan from EAIF, signed in early 2014. Expanding Cote D’Ivoire’s generating capacity is a core component in sustaining post-conflict economic recovery and alleviating poverty.

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