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Democratic Republic of Congo



Senior Debt Provided

US$7.5 million

In 2013, EAIF supported Helios Towers Africa’s (HTA) acquisition of 700 telecommunications towers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The majority of the towers have been reactivated, refurbished and leased out to a mobile communications provider.

HTA’s strategy is to finance, maintain and improve towers and lease space to multiple users. Tower sharing saves materials and energy and allows users to employ capital in other parts of their businesses. HTA also builds new towers at the request of existing telecom providers. The upgrade programme and the new build activities have created new jobs and grown the DRC’s pool of labour skilled in tower construction, operations and maintenance. The company’s development has expanded mobile communications access and widened the availability of mobile phone signals. EAIF provided a US$7.5 million loan facility to the project, which had a total transaction value of US$75 million.

Other projects

The Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund has to date invested in 58 projects in 17 countries.

ALAF builds steel roofing plant

Country: Tanzania / Sector: Infrastructure Components and Equipment

In 2010, as part of a US$35 million factory construction project, Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund made a US$5 million senior debt facility available to ALAF. The company now has a facility capable of producing 70,000 tons of metal roofing products annually.

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Putting Rwanda’s Lake Kivu methane to productive use

Country: Rwanda / Sector: Gas Infrastructure

In Rwanda’s Lake Kivu, fresh water is mixed with naturally occurring methane gas. KivuWatt Ltd raised US$142 million – including a US$25 million loan from EAIF – to build a gas extracting plant and a 25MW power plant.

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Addax Bioenergy – powering up Sierra Leone

Country: Sierra Leone / Sector: Agribusiness Power

The Addax Bioenergy operation consists of a sugarcane estate, an ethanol refinery and a biomass power plant. At full capacity, the sugar cane harvested from the 10,000 hectare estate will be processed to produce 85,000m3 of bioethanol annually, for export and domestic markets. During operations, the residual fibres from sugarcane processing, called bagasse, is used to fuel a 32MW electricity plant, which will supply up to 15MW of power to the national grid, helping to stabilise the country’s electricity supply.

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