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The Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund plays an important role in sub-Saharan Africa's economic development.

The projects we support frequently use advanced technologies in their methods of construction and operation. Such technologies, that are common in the developed world, bring new skills to emerging economies and can significantly improve productivity.

Here you will find the stories of many of the projects we have supported in recent years.

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Bigger, better and more competitive port facilities for Senegal

Country: Senegal / Sector: Transport

DP World operates 65 ports on 6 continents. Its facility at Dakar is one of the first large public/private partnerships in Senegal. In 2010, EAIF supported DP World’s Dakar total investment of EURO 216 million with a loan EURO 12.5 million.

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Dreamliners unlock Ethiopia

Country: Ethiopia / Sector: Transport

Ethiopia recorded steady high single figure growth in recent years. Land reforms, infrastructure investment and foreign direct investment in a number of sectors are all improving the economic outlook for one of the world’s poorest countries.

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Water, power and transport for one of Uganda’s poorest regions

Country: Uganda / Sector: Power Transport Water & Waste Treatment

Kalangala is the capital of Bugala Island, the largest of the Sesese Islands on Uganda’s Lake Victoria. Since 2011 the EAIF has loaned US$7 million to two infrastructure projects with a total value of US$50 million. Land and water transport has been modernised.

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