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The Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund plays an important role in sub-Saharan Africa's economic development.

The projects we support frequently use advanced technologies in their methods of construction and operation. Such technologies, that are common in the developed world, bring new skills to emerging economies and can significantly improve productivity.

Here you will find the stories of many of the projects we have supported in recent years.

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Communications towers acquisition in the DRC

Country: Democratic Republic of Congo / Sector: Telecoms

In 2013, EAIF supported Helios Towers Africa’s (HTA) acquisition of 700 telecommunications towers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The majority of the towers have been reactivated, refurbished and leased out to a mobile communications provider.

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Helios buys and refurbishes 1,000 telephone towers in Tanzania

Country: Tanzania / Sector: Telecoms

Helios Towers Tanzania Ltd raised US$100 million in 2014 to acquire 1,000 telephone towers. EAIF provided a US$10 million loan to the financing. All of the towers will be upgraded, refurbished and let to companies providing mobile phone and allied services, including two anchor tenants.

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Satellites put Africa at global top table

Country: Africa / Sector: Telecoms

O3b’s medium orbit (MEO) satellite constellation puts Africa at the forefront of world telecommunicates technology. O3b stands for “the other 3 billion” referring to the three billion people in the world with no broadband connection in 2007.

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