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The Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund plays an important role in sub-Saharan Africa's economic development.

The projects we support frequently use advanced technologies in their methods of construction and operation. Such technologies, that are common in the developed world, bring new skills to emerging economies and can significantly improve productivity.

Here you will find the stories of many of the projects we have supported in recent years.

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Accessing more affordable, more reliable electricity for tens of millions of people.

Country: Nigeria / Sector: Power

Raising long-term loan finance can still be difficult in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa, as was the case with the 2014 financing of a 450MW gas fired independent power plant in Nigeria. In addition to providing senior and subordinated loans totalling US$30 million, EAIF played a key role in negotiating the loan structure, which significantly contributed towards the project going forward.

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Gas pipeline project makes power more affordable

Country: Nigeria / Sector: Power

A US$15million loan from EAIF supported Tower Power’s 2011 US$21.30 million project at Abeokuta in Nigeria. The company’s new 12.5MW electricity generating plant uses local gas previously flared off and wasted.

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Bigger, better and more competitive port facilities for Senegal

Country: Senegal / Sector: Transport

DP World operates 65 ports on 6 continents. Its facility at Dakar is one of the first large public/private partnerships in Senegal. In 2010, EAIF supported DP World’s Dakar total investment of EURO 216 million with a loan EURO 12.5 million.

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Smart Energy Solutions – smart energy can go anywhere

Country: Africa / Sector: Power

Smart Energy Solutions (SES) operates a fleet of mobile electricity generators. In 2014, The Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund loaned the business US$20 million to support its purchase of 40MW of new capacity and grow its business.

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Satellites put Africa at global top table

Country: Africa / Sector: Telecoms

O3b’s medium orbit (MEO) satellite constellation puts Africa at the forefront of world telecommunicates technology. O3b stands for “the other 3 billion” referring to the three billion people in the world with no broadband connection in 2007.

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Dreamliners unlock Ethiopia

Country: Ethiopia / Sector: Transport

Ethiopia recorded steady high single figure growth in recent years. Land reforms, infrastructure investment and foreign direct investment in a number of sectors are all improving the economic outlook for one of the world’s poorest countries.

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Gas fired power station expansion delivers 50% more electricity for Ghana

Country: Ghana / Sector: Power

Building new electricity generating capacity is essential to Ghana’s economic progress. The country’s Takoradi electricity generating station has been expanded at a cost of US$356 million, including a US$15 million loan from EAIF.

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